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About Us

Our Story

A Place of Hope – Scribe Video Project

In 1946, a Sunday School outreach was started by a Mennonite family living in Oxford Village, a public housing development in Northeast Philadelphia. As interest grew for a congregation, Mennonites, with the help of their local mission board, purchased a nearby lot and built the present-day Oxford Circle Mennonite Church (OCMC). In 1999, a leadership change took place which coincided with a time of rapidly changing demographics in the community. In reflection of these changes, more community residents began attending OCMC. We are excited to see God continuing to grow the congregation, both physically and spiritually, into a thriving, Christ-centered, diverse community. In January 2009, we purchased a new and expanded facility and have seen our congregation grow by almost 20 percent!

Over the past ten years, we have become increasingly engaged with our neighbors through hosting an annual Community Festival and partnering with Oxford Village to provide a children’s Summer Education Program. In addition, our church has served as a host for Narcotics Anonymous, participated in the local soup kitchen, and partnered to provide a neighborhood Farm Market. Through such efforts, our congregation began to see the need to develop a holistic, community ministry to better serve our neighbors.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to follow God’s call to be His reconciled people in the Oxford Circle community – living our reconciliation with God and each other and spreading that reconciliation in our community. To implement this vision, in 2006 we incorporated a nonprofit ministry under the name of the Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association.

We desire to be a place where: children and youth are provided positive out of school activities, families can be reconciled, individuals are taught job skills and trained for small business development, community members who have conflicts are able to walk through mediation, and where churches can partner as ambassadors to a community in need. We desire both our church and our community to continue to be places of spiritual growth, hope and development.

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